How do I deal with my little Van Gogh – Getting Rid of Crayon Stains


It’s amazing how everything takes on a whole new meaning when you have a toddler. Crayons used to mean lovely drawings and staying between the lines. End result gorgeous ‘coloring-in’ job. Well all this has changed! My son has discovered his inner Van Gogh and he is turning my house into a very modern looking, eclectic art gallery. I’ve considered confiscating the crayons. Actually I’ve tried confiscating them, but it seems he keeps finding more! So I keep running after him trying to teach him that crayons go on paper not walls. I don’t think he is convinced though, so shy of painting the house over every week I’ve decided to find an affordable and simple way to get rid of those beautiful pieces of artwork that my son gifted us with.

I asked around and scored the net and this is what I’ve found


  • Baby oil – Good old baby oil worked a charm. The mineral oil in the baby oil broke down the crayon wax and helped it to wipe clean off the wall! I left another half of the wall just to try out something else.
  • WD40! Hah! Yes we are talking crayons not ‘nuts and bolts’. suggest using WD40 to get crayon stains out of fabric so I thought why not try it on the walls! After searching endlessly for the ‘WD’ I thought I had in the cupboard I finally found it hidden away in that safe place that you can’t quite remember. Score! WD40 is the MAGIC! It got the other half of the job done.
  • Try baby wipes – Someone needs to explain to me why baby wipes are like magic! how many things will baby wipes not get rid of? What exactly is in there? I have to say although I swear by baby wipes for most things they failed me this time.
  • Blow dryer – The instructions were to blow the hot air onto the crayon markings for a few seconds and they will start to melt. Don’t put dryer too close to the walls to avoid paint damage. Once the crayon has soften use a damp cloth with some dish soap in the water. Wipe it off quickly or it will dry right back. The problem as I was told is that you run the risk of baking the stain into the wall.  I had to say this last bit of advice kinda scared me so I stayed away from using this method. If you are brave enough give it a go. Additionally there is water in the damp cloth. Again not good for
  • Hairspray – Huh?! you say. Yes Hairspray I say. You spray enough to cover the full area. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and then wipe off with a wet cloth. This is supposed to work really well on oil based paints. Used on water base paints you will have the problem of your paint coming off along with the crayon marks. My wall is water based so as much as I wanted to see what would happen I had to shy away.
  • Toothpaste – A little abrasive I thought so I didn’t even try it on my wall. You could try it and let me know.

I managed to wipe clean the beautiful pieces of artwork obviously only to have them return a day later. Next, how to get LO to stop being such a persistent artist. Here’s to Van Gogh and here’s to clean walls .

Butterfly kisses and blessings to all.


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